Future of Data Sharing

About the project

Objectives of our research

The ‘Future of Data Sharing’ initiative was developed in partnership with Facebook and D91 Labs also supported by Sahamati, DICE, Setu and Parallel Labs. This is a user-focused research initiative that aims to formulate good design principles around data sharing and privacy for the start-up ecosystem, thereby enabling the development of products that are responsive to user needs.  

Under a consent-based system of data sharing, the user trust will literally make or break the AA framework, and users are more likely to trust when they understand what is being asked of them, and why. Honouring the spirit of personal data protection requires that user-facing applications actively help users understand the implications of their actions — a tough challenge in a country where over a quarter of adults have not even heard of insurance.

The Process

‘Future of Data Sharing’ initiative delves deeper into understanding goals, motivations and challenges in sharing personal data with financial institutions through qualitative research and subject matter expert discussions. The insights and personas derived from the research were poised as challenges to the fintech community in the form of an online design jam where teams developed solutions around solving data sharing using the account aggregator framework. The artefacts from the design jam were later tested with target users to understand the acceptability of the solutions. 

The results from the research exercise have been dissimilated into six design principles for anyone developing data sharing workflows using account aggregators. These design principles cover the six critical areas of trust, choice architecture, nudges, data control, customer redressal, feedback. The design principles created from the research is addressed to the product, business and design teams at the fintech startups, to help build trustworthy financial products for emergent users backed up by on field research.

About TTC Labs

Future of Data Sharing is an initiative supported by the Trust, Transparency and Control Labs, is a cross-industry effort to create innovative design solutions that put people in control of their privacy. Initiated and supported by Facebook, and built on collaboration, the movement has grown to include hundreds of organisations, including major global businesses, startups, civic organisations and academic institutions.

About D91 Labs

D91 labs is an open source research initiative by Setu.co to understand financial lives of Indians. D91 aims to bridge the empathy gap between the product developers and the last mile understanding of India. We publish open source research, insights and frameworks for any fintech company to develop bespoke fintech offerings for India.

About Setu

Setu is an application programming interface (API) infrastructure start-up, which offers APIs across bill payments, savings, credit, and payments. Setu provides developers with modular APIs that allows them to build financial products for the specific needs of their users.

Research Stories

Read user stories around financial journeys and ther challenges around data sharing. Curated from our qualitative research conducted across India.

Design Jam

Read insights from our remote design hackathon with fintechs & education institutes to solve for data sharing using Account Aggregator. We had participants from 8 different organisations.